My LinkedIn amazements

On July 3rd 2008 I registered on LinkedIn, just about when I started as an entrepreneur for my own company, ARSIMA Projects.


My second Question (November 27th 2008) on LinkedIn, the first one being where I requested some feedback on my new company logos, related to my very first interim-management project.

I needed some specific string functions on a text-file, and got stucked using AWK for that.

Can anyone help me with a simple AWK ?
In a Windows/DOS environment, I want to use AWK95.EXE to alter an exported CSV-file (from MFG*PRO) so I can import it with my standard Cognos setup for lookup-tables.
AWK should make a new file, with the original columns 1 & 3 concatenated into one, and the original column 2 removed;
Exported CSV file:
126000;A;499012;202;EUR;AC;-90,84; ;809
Altered CSV file (to be imported):
126000499012;202;EUR;AC;-90,84; ;809
Any help/suggestion will be appreciated.

Amongst the different good answers I quickly got, up came Laurent Schneider, perfect stranger, out of nowhere, well, Switzerland actually, with the straightforward and perfect answer:

C:\>type old
126000;A;499012;202;EUR;AC;-90,84; ;809
C:\>awk95 “{print $1$3,$4,$5,$6,$7,$8,$9}” FS=; OFS=; <old >new
C:\>type new
126000499012;202;EUR;AC;-90,84; ;809

That was the first time I was really amazed with the crowd power of my LinkedIn ecosphere.

My second big amazement was published as a case study (p.42) by Neal Schaffer in his 2011 book Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing: In 2010, I got selected for a new long-term mission in Brussels (Belgium) thanks to LinkedIn. A UK agency had contacted me after matching the geographic location and finding the appropriate keyword (“consolidation”) on my LinkedIn profile.

Today, after several additional ‘crowd’ and some functional astonishments (LinkedIn Ads!), big and small, I do sincerely believe LinkedIn will still amaze me in the future, by simply keeping “Connecting the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful“.


About MvanWunnik
Independent Project Manager for Financial projects (Consolidation, Control & Reporting) at ARSIMA Projects, Financial Strategist for starters/SME's at

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Martin, and you are a classic LinkedIn Case Study of success!

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