My 3D Print Art venture

Is 3D printing the future of modern art?

At the end of 2011, my friend/artist Ben Heine from Brussels ( and I set out to make a 3D print version from one of his pictures. This specific picture of my right forearm was taken by Ben in July 2011, when I was a one-time model for his 3rd Flesh & Acrylic artwork.

After discussing the technical and artistic possibilities with a specialized 3D print company, from Ghent, we decided to proceed and I had my arm scanned early January 2012. Griet and Mark from then did the required technical steps (image handling & 3D printing) to provide Ben Heine a 1:1 scale replica of my right forearm two weeks later.

Ben added the (wooden) support and painted this replica, just in time to be ready mid January 2012 for the ArtEvent in Namur (Belgium). And I must say, subjectively ;-), that the result is quite extraordinary!

For me, it also strangely feels as the start of my body cloning has begun…

Links to Ben Heine’s creative artworks:


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