My startup-events’ fortnight

Think-Act!-Reflect (do NOT explode)

These last 14 days I went to several promising startup-related events:

It all started on December 9th, with my first ( customer meeting (small marketing agency) to jointly set-up financial communication with possible US partner, in Schaerbeek.

This was followed on December 14th with a meeting with Christophe Ledur of Auctelia ( in Court-Saint-Etienne, with young entrepreneur Gaetan (for whom I am one of his mentors/experts). I met Christophe (and his partner FX) during Betagroup’s webmission in Boston earlier this year. That evening, I went to the Aula Magna in Louvain-la-Neuve for MIC’s (Microsoft Innovation Center – Mons) Boostcamp prize & 100% Walloon ceremony ( Watch out for the four winners in the future: Pfease, DNAnalytics, QRampaign and NearShop.

December 15th: Meeting with young Brussels’ artist Ben Heine ( in Brussels, to discuss our 2012 plans (a/o 3D print artwork, artistic widgets, kickstart project, etc).

That week was nicely closed on December 16th at British Chamber of Commerce ( Xmas lunch in Brussels, where I met several potential partners for  next year.

The following week started on December 19th at MIC (Microsoft Innovation Center) Boostcamp, for its 2nd expert/entrepreneur meeting, in Brussels (ICAB – One very mature & promising project to follow in the coming months is the barcode project by Claude Heyman ( “Read my lips” :-). If he could only in the very near future partner-up or combine his technical assets with some marketing expert…

On that same day, I went to British Chamber of Commerce conference on Di Rupo I’s new fiscal regulations, in Brussels.

Tuesday December 20th was Betagroup 30th! ( by Jean Derély, at K.NAL in Brussels. As always, great networking place and full of initiatives.

The Entrepreneurship in 2012-conference (, by Prof. Olivier Witmeur & Prof. Hans Crijns, at Cercle Lorraine in Brussels followed the next day, on December 21st.

My startup-events’ fortnight ended with a promising startup meeting of the Lean Circle Brussels (, by Vladimir, Nick & Gilbert, at Beta coworkingspace in Brussels. Watch out for the next event somewhere end of January, early February ’12.

Voilà, now, next to following up on all these events, I will also further promote my new services to the SME market in the coming weeks.



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Independent Project Manager for Financial projects (Consolidation, Control & Reporting) at ARSIMA Projects, Financial Strategist for starters/SME's at

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